Lr.No.A3/1256 from SPD, SSA  - Delegation of Drawing powers to the Headmasters as a signatory        click here

All Districts Schools Enrollment of Children & Infrastructure details  click


Memo.A3/1256, Dt.02/06/2012 - Modified Guidelines to draw SMC Grants      click  here

G.O.2425,10/5/12 - Enhancement of Rate of Interest on GPF,APGLI at 8.6% wef 1-12-2011

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Rc.310,Dt 17/5/12 - Requirement of VV's for 2012-13 in PS,UPS & UP Sec. of HS      click here

Lr No.1039, Request for upgradation of PET's  in High Schools as PD's  click

G.O.Ms.No.146,Dt.1.6.12 - Lifting Ban on Transfers      click

Lr No.3363 - Clarification on 2 Notional Increments to teachers completed 2 years service after 1.4.2009      click

Memo.No.42, Dt.17/02/12  -  Verification of S.R.'s by the Head of the Offices                click here

Rc.365, dt.5/6/2012  - UP Sports material from SETWIN kept in abeyance         click here

G.O.Ms.No.148,Dt.6.6.12 - APGLIS Interest Rate Enhanced to 8.6% - GIS Tables             click here

G.O.Ms.No.151,Dt.8.6.12 - Pensions Payment of Graduity           click here

AAS Detailed Explanation in Telugu

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G.O.2, Enhancement of Edn. Fee Reimbursement

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NEW D.A. G.O.25

da @ 35.952
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Paternity Leave Clarification

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G.O.342, Edn. Leave for SC/ST Teachers

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Rc.628, Dt.24.4.12 - Continuation of MRP's upto June-2012

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G.O.200, Payment of Salaries & Pension to Municpal Employees under O1O

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G.O.131, Dt. 14/5/12 - Enhancement of  ceiling of APEWF LOAN

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Cir. Memo.14781 Surrender of E.L.'s for 2011-12

surrender of els.pdf
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Rc.132,Dt 16/5/12 - Instructions to HMs to attend SSC work during summer vacation    click here

Memo.No.5465, Stepping of Senior with Junior after availing AAS & FR22B - Clarifications    click

G.O.Ms.No.152, dt.12/6/12 - Economy Expenditure for the Financial Year 2012-13     click here

RMSA Training EL's for Teachers - May-2011   click

Medical Reimbursement for Apprentice Teachers    click here

Memo.034408 - AAS to the Category-III teachers who crossed 50 years age     click

G.O.2285, Dt 18/5 - Consulting Vigilance Commission is not required to reinstate a suspended employ if period is not less than 2 years

Rc.02, Dt 17/5/12 by DGE - Verification procedure of SSC Certificate   click

G.O.Rt.421, Dt.11/6/12, Social Welfare Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff  Transfers Guidelines   click here